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Card for Bad Credit: How to Rebuild Your Credit Online

With good credit, you can save money when you take out a loan. A secured credit card lets you rebuild your credit in Canada in a short time.

How does a card for bad credit work?

With a secured credit card, you determine your credit limit by depositing the desired amount. If you deposit $300, your limit is also $300. Using this card helps you to improve your credit score if you don’t have access to a traditional credit card.

Have you recently arrived in Canada or are you a young adult? This card is suitable for you. Many traditional banking institutions don’t want to grant loans to people with no credit history. The secured credit card gives you the opportunity to start building your credit rating in a secure manner. Don’t wait any longer; apply for your secured credit card now.

Why is it essential to have a good credit rating?

Sooner or later, you will undoubtedly need a loan to buy a car or cover unexpected expenses. Banking institutions can grant you a loan in many ways based on your credit rating, which credit reporting agencies assign to you.

The score ranges from 300 to 900. If your score exceeds 700, you will have no trouble getting very good borrowing conditions. If it is between 500 and 700, you will be able to secure a loan, but at less favourable conditions. Finally, if your score is under 500, you will have more trouble getting a loan. In this case, we recommend taking out a secured card to rebuild your credit in a short time.

How to gain points on your credit rating

You should know that you can consult your credit rating free of charge on the Equifax or TransUnion website. That way, you will get a clear picture of your credit history, and you can take steps to improve your rating. This is a lengthy process, but it's not impossible to achieve positive results.

To improve your score, you should repay accumulated debts and use your secured credit card regularly, ensuring timely payments. One tip is to use this credit card to run your little daily errands and immediately make a payment. That way, you don’t risk paying late. With a card for poor credit, you can make automatic payments for all these little everyday purchases.

If you need more money, you should consider a no credit check loan. It will be easier to secure and won’t affect your credit rating any more in the short term.

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Why rely on Send Me Cash Now?

Regain points on your credit at your own pace

Start building your credit or regain points on your rating at your own pace by determining the amount that you want to deposit as collateral to secure your card. You decide your own limit according to the goals that you set for yourself and your means.

Attentive assistance

All the brokers at Send Me Cash Now have been doing this job for 17 years now with the goal of helping the residents of Canada achieve a better financial situation. Tell us about your concerns and take the helping hand extended by our experts to improve your credit.

Obtain your secured credit card

Requested Information

Get in touch with us

Contact us now to provide us with your personal information and to open your file to obtain your card for bad credit. You can also come see us at our offices if you prefer to speak with us in person.

Loan Agreement

Determine your credit limit

Once your file has been opened, you can deposit the amount that you want. This amount will set the limit of your new credit card, which can be used immediately.

Received Funds

Use your new card immediately

After making your deposit, you can use your secured card and already regain points on your credit rating.


You are totally free to set the amount deposited on your secured card. Determine this amount according to your everyday purchases: consider how much you spend on groceries, fuel, and all your other little daily purchases.

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