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Short Term Loan

When there is an urgent need for money, it's rare to find a solution with traditional banks: the procedures are long, and having an average credit rating is enough to be refused.

At Send Me Cash Now, we know how important it is for you to get cash fast when you need it most. And in this type of situation, our short term loan is often the solution.

For situations that can't wait

Almost everyone has found themselves having to pay for uncovered medical bills, an overdue bill to avoid a service cut or even a car repair expense. Which becomes problematic when there are no savings.

Because traditional bank loans are too long and difficult to obtain, short-term loans are often the only option. Whether it takes the form of a cash advance, a payday loan or a bad credit loan, it serves a specific purpose: to help you deal with an urgent need for money.

A simple short term loan application

With Send Me Cash Now, applying for a short term loan online has never been easier. To submit your request online and allow us to review your file, all you have to do is answer a questionnaire and provide the requested documents:
- Two pieces of identification as well as a document attesting to your social insurance number
- Proof of residence (Hydro Quebec bill, telephone bill, etc.)
- The last two payslips
- The last three months of bank account statement
- A voided check

A review based on the current situation

Once we receive your credit application along with the complete file, our brokers check your ability to repay your loan. Rather than basing themselves on your credit rating, they judge your situation based on:
- your income
- your current debt
- proper management of your finances.

Classic prerequisite, it's also necessary to meet the conditions below to obtain a short term loan at Send Me Cash Now:
- Have a checking account open for at least 3 months
- Have a full-time job for at least 3 months
- Receive your pay by direct deposit
- Not be the subject of a wage garnishment or be in bankruptcy

No credit investigation is carried out by Send Me Cash Now to grant you the short term loan you are requesting. If your income and debts allow it, and your accounts show us you know how to manage your money, we will give you a positive response.

Immediate response and immediate release of funds

We know how important it is for you to get a return response and funds as soon as possible. This is why at Send Me Cash Now, we have put in place accelerated procedures to process files and send your money to you within 24 working hours.

Whether through a payday loan or a no credit check loan, at Send Me Cash Now, we find the financial solution that matches your situation and your expectations.

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