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No Credit Check Loans

Apply for a no credit check loan and get up to $3,000 within the hour.

In what context is the credit check used?

Credit reporting agencies assign you a credit score between 300 and 900 points.

This rating reflects your credit history and is a factor in the decisions of banking institutions and lenders to grant you a loan. Generally speaking, you are rejected if your score is under 500 points.

What is a no credit check loan used for?

By applying for a no credit check loan, you don’t expose yourself to a rejection motivated by your bad rating.

Furthermore, your score isn’t affected, since no credit check is performed. The way that a traditional loan works is as follows: the lender registers your loan application, which impacts your credit by assigning it a score that remains visible for up to 2 years. This may lower your credit score and create problems for you in the future.

The decision to grant you a no credit check loan is based not on your past, but on your present pay. You just need to prove that you have the ability to repay this loan to receive your funds very quickly. Don’t wait any longer; submit your application to obtain an express no credit check loan.

Need a loan for any project ?

Why choose Send Me Cash Now?

A no credit check loan in an emergency

Do you need to take out a loan, but you fear a rejection due to your past? Secure a no credit check loan and resolve a difficult financial situation quickly. First of all, submit your no credit check loan application. The procedure is fast and easy, and you get an immediate response from our brokers, who are experts in online lending. You will receive your money the same day in a totally confidential and secure manner.

A real desire to support you

At Send Me Cash Now, our network of private lenders steps in to help you when traditional banking institutions no longer want to support you. We think it’s essential to look to the future and that your past shouldn’t be an obstacle in achieving your plans. By applying for a no credit check loan, you avoid letting your credit history affect your future.

Applying for a no credit check loan: how does it work?

Requested Information

Provide your personal information to our agents online or at our place of business

To apply, you just need to provide us with certain information.

Loan Agreement

Get a response in under an hour

Your application is processed by our brokers specializing in no credit check loans, and we get back to you within the day as soon as your loan is granted.

Received Funds

Receive your money in your bank account

As soon as we approve your application, we send the funds to allow you to have access to them immediately.


A short-term loan can be used to cover healthcare costs or unexpected expenses, to pay overdue bills, or to carry out urgent work on your home, for example.

This is a short-term financial solution that lets you get out of a difficult financial situation and make a fresh start.
We respond within an hour of submitting your file. If you submit your application between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, our agents will get back to you within the day.
As soon as our brokers give their approval, your funds are credited to your bank account. If you submitted your application during our business hours, it will take at most a day to receive your money.

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