Online Emergency Loans in Canada

Planning your monthly budget around unexpected expenses can be nearly impossible. We’ve all had to deal with surprise bills , from car repairs to hospital costs. When you have expenses that can’t wait, our emergency loans in Canada can help.

Get The Cash You Need With Emergency Loans in Canada

At Send Me Cash Now, our team of dedicated lenders are ready to assist you. Our emergency loans are easy to apply for and  are sent off for review instantly . If your request is approved, we’ll send you much-needed funds directly to your bank account to pay off any unexpected debts on time.

What are Emergency Loans in Canada?

Emergency Loans are basically personal loans designed for emergencies, as the name suggests. Our selection of emergency loans in Canada are aimed at  helping you out of tough situations . When you’re stuck with extra bills for the month, it’s important to make sure you don’t borrow too much.

All our advances are short term, meaning they’re meant to be paid off quickly to avoid large interest payments. short-term loan  is the most suitable in this case.

When requesting emergency loans in Canada, you can choose a custom amount from  $300 to $3,000  depending on the loan . This lets you take out only the funding you need. It also ensures you know how much needs to be repaid, and you can’t apply for more loans until previous ones are paid off.

We do not ask for a credit check

We’ve all made mistakes in the past, and we believe that it should not avoid you from getting money when you need it the most. Since you pay more interest rates with a bad credit score, it can be easy to fall into negative credit accidentally. At Send Me Cash Now, we want to  provide financial support to anyone who needs it , regardless of repayment history.

You can apply for online emergency loans in Canada from us even with a low credit rating. We conduct no checks when reviewing applications . When determining your repayment abilities, we mainly look at your employment information to ensure you have a stable income.

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How Do I Apply for a Loan to get emergency cash immediately?

Applying for emergency loans in Canada is as easy as completing our quick online form. We only need your basic details, like name, employer, and contact information for both. Once you submit a request, the next step is to provide some essential documents.

  • Two ID photos
  • SIN proof
  • Two most recent pay stubs (sources of income)
  • Bank statement of the last 90 days
  • Valid void cheque
  • Proof of address, like a utility bill

How Can I Qualify for an Emergency Loan?

Our qualification criteria mainly look at your current employment. If we can see that you have a stable job and income, our lenders are more likely to grant your request. It’s easy to prove that you can repay the loan by providing the necessary documents.

  • Valid chequing account for the past three months
  • Employed full-time for the past three months
  • Receive payment via direct deposit
  • No bankruptcy or wage garnishments

What are the types of Emergency Loans Available ?

We offer different types of loans for any situation you might be in. Whether you need emergency cash immediately to cover unexpected expenses or a no credit check loan to pay for medical expenses, you can find an online emergency loan to suit your specific needs on our site.

Cash Advances

When you find yourself with not enough cash to pay off costly emergency expenses, apply for an online cash advance. These emergency loans in Canada offer you the funds you need to pay off your outstanding monthly bills.

Loans to Rebuild Credit

Banks are quick to charge you extra interest if your credit score is low. This can lead to your rating dropping even more as loans become expensive to repay. You can use our secured credit card to store and spend money, while rebuilding your credit rating in the process.

Credit Consolidation

Multiple debts tied to different credit cards and loans can become extra costly. This is due to you paying interest on many repayments. Credit consolidation helps you combine all your debts into a single amount that’s cheaper and faster to pay off.

Bad Credit Loans

When your credit score starts approaching 300, many institutes will think twice before approving your application. This can make surprise bills even more difficult to pay off. At Send Me Cash Now, we provide bad credit loans for people who need emergency money when everyone won’t help them.

Instant Loans with no refusal

Many additional expenses can’t be put off. Getting your loan request rejected by a bank can be devastating and leave you stuck with financial troubles. No matter your credit score, our no refusal loans in Canada ensure that you can pay off these unexpected expenses.

Online Payday Loans

Sometimes, an urgent expense can appear out of nowhere on payday. When you need further funds to supplement your income, our payday loans in Canada can help. You can borrow extra cash instantly and only have to start repaying when you get your next paycheque.

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What are My Repayment Options for Emergency Loans ?

We offer three methods to repay your loan.

  • Regular weekly repayments
  • Regular weekly repayments plus an extra amount
  • The full amount to repay your emergency cash loans today

You can get in touch with us by email within 48 hours if you need to reschedule a repayment. Each one missed will cost an extra $40. We’ll then add the additional payments to the total amount due.

You can quickly apply for an emergency cash advance online if you find yourself facing urgent and unexpected expenses. Whether you need to pay for vehicle repairs or extra utilities, you can get instant relief with our loans.

Our wide range of options includes emergency loans for bad credit and debt consolidation. We have 17 years of experience and offer different quick loan options for any situation. When you need fast financial assistance, visit our site and submit a quick application form to get a loan today.

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Need a loan for any project ?

Why rely on Send Me Cash Now?

An express cash advance

Is the wait to grant your bank loan too long? Our lenders respond immediately, and you get your funds within 45 minutes of signing your online loan application. Thanks to Send Me Cash Now, the processing time of your file isn’t a concern.

A custom offer

Send Me Cash Now offers you cash advances of $300 to $3,000 depending on the amount you need. Indicate the amount that you want when filing your application process. We grant amounts that are higher than our competitors and perfectly tailored to your needs.

A sincere desire to help you

Our mission is to support as many Canadians as possible. Do you have limited means? Is your credit score low? Do you have bad credit? Don’t worry: no credit check will be performed, and your cash advance will be granted without any problems.For 17 years now, our brokers have been helping many people every day in the same situation as you.


Emergency loans in Canada are part of the personal loan category. Most of the time, they are used to cover  a financial emergency , surcharges for late payments, unpaid checks, cash advances on cards, and all other kinds of urgent needs. These advances are temporary solutions that should not be used for extended periods of time.

You can get an emergency loan in the amount of $300 to $3,000. This amount, which is unique to you, is determined according to what you need. If you apply during business hours, you can even get same-day funding.

You just need to submit an online application, which is very easy, only takes a few minutes, and is done in a totally confidential and secure manner.

If your application is filed between 10 am and 6 pm (EST) Monday to Friday, we will get back to you within an hour. To advance your file and shorten the procedure, you will be in touch with one of our agents by email. If your application reaches us between 6 pm and 10 am (EST) or during the weekend, we will contact you within the first hour of the following business day.

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