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Payday loans in BC

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When should you apply for payday loans in BC?

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is running out of money in the middle of the month. This is usually frustrating as your last payday seems to be ages ago, and your next one remains a distant future. Fortunately, you can apply for payday loans in BC and salvage your current financial status with Send Me Cash Now! 

Receive your payday loan within 24 hours with Send Me Cash Now

The good thing is that Send Me Cash Now has made it easy for you! Thanks to our online payday loan application process, you can apply for a loan from the comfort of your apartment. It only takes a couple of hours, and the funds will be deposited into your bank account. Talk about convenience!

We step in and assume the risk by offering clients a no credit-check loan whenever they need financial assistance. Therefore, the last thing we base your eligibility on is your current credit rating.

Are Payday Loans Legal in BC?

The law permits payday loans in British Columbia, similarly in Canada under the Payday Loans Act. However, the law demands that the province of the borrower has to enact sufficient provincial legislation concerning the advancement of the loan from lenders to borrowers. What this has done is to create varying regulations that are specific for different provinces in Canada. 

Why Choose Send Me Cash Now for Your Payday Loans in BC?

Send Me Cash Now is a payday lender that works in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. As one of the best payday companies, you can rely on us to advance your personal loan even if you have a bad credit score because: 

  • We offer different types of loans
  • We respect the legislation
  • Fast online application process
  • We give payday loans even with bad credit
  • Low interest rates
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Different loans type for all your needs

You can rely on us to deliver you home and dry financially. That is until your next payday. Thanks to the variety of loans that you can apply for from us, financial stresses will be something of the past for you. 

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We respect the legislation

We adhere to the legislation on payday loans in British Columbia. All our activities are in line with the law, including the maximum charges permitted as capped by the payday loans act. 

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Fast online application process

We have enhanced and streamlined our online loan application process. This should make it easy for anyone who applies for a payday loan in British Columbia.

Steady income payday loans

Get a payday loan even with bad credit

You can obtain a payday loan even with bad credit. Your credit score doesn’t limit you from accessing a loan from us. All you have to provide is proof of a source of income because we don’t do credit check. 


Low interest rates

We have the most competitive charges on payday loans advanced. Comparing the annual percentage rate, we charge on our loans and that of our competitors, ours are significantly inexpensive. 

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How to get payday loans in BC with Send Me Cash Now?

Secure a payday loans in BC from Send Me Cash Now by completing the following steps:


1. Start the loan application

Click on the “Loan Application” button on Send Me Cash Now official website.

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2. Provide your personal information

Provided all the information and details requested. After clicking on the button, an online application form will appear. Fill in the form appropriately.

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3. Our experts get back to you quickly

Typically, we respond within a couple of minutes after you complete filling in the form. For security reasons, our customer care staff will contact you by email or phone.

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4. Receive the loan agreement

A loan agreement will be sent to you by email. You should read it carefully and proceed to sign it.

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5. Receive the funds

Your loan will be sent to a checking bank account. The details of the bank account were provided in the online form. 

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6. Repayment terms

After getting your payday loan, you are free to use it as you wish. Unlike banks, we don’t ask for the loan application, nor do we make a follow-up. However, you must repay the payday loan within the due date.

Contact Send Me Cash Now for your payday loans in BC

Do you need fast cash? Contact us today and apply for online payday loans in BC from Send Me Cash Now and deal with any financial emergencies. You are guaranteed one of the smoothest loan application process that will see you obtain instant payday loans.

We offer no credit loans, meaning the last thing we will consider is your credit history. You just have to provide a few documents to verify the application, and you should get the money deposited into your account within the next couple of hours.

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Need a loan for any project ?

Applying for payday loans in BC: how does it work?

Requested Information

Provide your personal information to our agents online or at our place of business

To apply, you just need to provide us with certain information.

Loan Agreement

Get a response in under an hour

Your application is processed by our brokers specializing in payday loans in BC, and we get back to you within the day as soon as your loan is granted.

Received Funds

Receive your money in your bank account

As soon as we approve your application, we send the funds to allow you to have access to them immediately.


Payday loans in BC can be used to pay for unexpected expenses, overdue bills, or to carry out urgent work on your home.  

This is a short-term financial solution that lets you get out of a difficult financial situation and make a fresh start.

We respond within an hour of submitting your file. If you submit your application between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, our agents will get back to you within the day.
As soon as our brokers give their approval, your funds are credited to your bank account. If you submitted your application during our business hours, it will take at most a day to receive your money.

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