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Payday loans in Scarborough

Struggling to find a way to fix a last-minute financial emergency is a reality for far too many Scarborough residents. Send Me Cash Now understands the challenges of accessing easy money when you have poor credit. Therefore, we offer you accessible payday loans in Scarborough to solve your short-term money problem quickly.

An easy-to-use online platform available 24/7

Being short on cash can cause unnecessary stress, and waiting weeks to meet with an agent to obtain a traditional loan is not ideal when you need money fast. You want a convenient and straightforward solution to get you through difficult times. Thanks to our easy-to-use online platform, you can fill in a payday loan application in Ontario within minutes and receive your funds in 24 hours.

What are payday loans in Scarborough?

Payday loans, also known as payday advances, are the ideal solution for short-term financial problems that can’t wait until your next payday. Applying for payday loans in Scarborough can help relieve your financial issues and give you peace of mind.

How much money can I request?

You can request anywhere between $300-$3,000 per loan. However, we encourage you only to take out the minimum amount you need to keep your finances stable until your next paycheque. Doing so will reduce the chances of defaulting on your repayment. You can for example get a $2500 loan with no credit check in 24 hours.

Repaid by your next payday

Payday loans are for short-term money issues and should not be used as a solution for long-term problems. Payday loans must be repaid in their entirety during your next payday.

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When should I apply for payday loans in Scarborough?

When you apply for payday loans, we won’t ask you to provide reasons why you need money. We will not restrict what you can and cannot use the money for. Unlike traditional lenders, your reasons for applying for a loan won’t affect your eligibility to qualify.

Common reasons why people apply for payday loans in Scarborough

The most common reasons why people apply for payday loans include:

  • Paying for home or car repairs
  • Paying medical bills
  • Helping with support payments
  • Repaying off loans
  • Taking a trip to visit ill friends and family members

Need a loan for any project ?

Advantages of getting a payday loan online in Scarborough

For over a dozen years, Send Me Cash Now has been the trusted lending partner in Scarborough, helping individuals when they’re short on cash and on time. Unlike conventional lenders, our payday loans are easy to obtain, and you won’t need to wait weeks before having access to loans and getting your money.

no credit check

No credit check required

If you have a poor credit score and are afraid you’ll never be able to obtain a loan, then you’ll be happy to know that we provide payday loans without performing a credit check you can get up to $3000 loan with no credit-check.

online payday loan

Your credit history does not matter

We lend short-term, online loans to Ontario residents, as we believe that your ability to repay a loan is more important than your credit score. We want to help you face financial difficulties. We will evaluate your current financial situation and use it to determine if you can honour your repayment terms.

Toronto small loans

Ability to increase your credit score with extra cash

Repaying your loans on time is good for increasing your credit score and making you a less risky borrower. To reduce the risk of defaulting on a payment, we recommend that you only request the minimum amount you need.

repayment terms

Unsecured loan

Send Me Cash Now will never ask for collateral when issuing a loan. It’s not uncommon for conventional lenders to request that you put up your assets when making a loan. If you default on a payday loan repayment, alternative lenders will likely send your file to collection to retrieve the money.

correct information

Secure and legal

Our experienced brokers are transparent and follow the legislation in Ontario listed in the Payday Loans Act. We are committed to the safeguarding of your personal information and release your financial burden. Any information you provide will remain 100% confidential in our secure online system. Your privacy and satisfaction are our top priority.

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Do I qualify for payday loans in Scarborough?

Don’t spend hours gathering documents to provide with your application, as our payday loans in Scarborough are easy to apply for. We only assess your identity and request proof of employment. No credit check or debt inquiry will be performed when you apply for a payday loan. We believe your financial situation should not be an obstacle to borrowing funds for your short-term money problems.

Conditions to get a payday loan in Scarborough

Although we don’t require much from you, you can apply with bad credit. We will ask you to provide some basic information before we can approve your personal loan.

  • Picture ID showing proof of being 18 years or older (driver’s licence, passport)
  • Proof of a permanent address
  • Active bank statements
  • Proof of employment with a regular flow of income

Need a loan for any project ?

How can I apply for payday loans in Scarborough?

We know that applying for loans with traditional lenders can be frustrating, and it might take a long time before you receive a response. Because we understand difficult, urgent situations, we have made the online application process to get payday loans in Canada quick and straightforward.

online payday loan

Fast online application process

The payday loan application process can be done in a few quick, easy steps and will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Toronto instant approval loans

Fill out the online application form

Fill out the online payday loan application form and provide us with your contact info, employer information and the loan amount requested.

documents ready for upload

Get the payday loan agreement

Once your application has been reviewed, a member of our team will contact you to verify the details you provided and provide you with short-term loans. An electronic loan agreement will be sent for you to review, sign and send back to us.


Receive your emergency funds

After we receive the signed loan agreement, the funds will be deposited into your bank account. After this point, you will receive your money within the hour! Always double-check that the personal information you provided is accurate, as any incorrect details can delay the approval process of your loan application.

Need a loan for any project ?

Why choose Send Me Cash Now for your payday loans in Scarborough Ontario?

Send Me Cash Now has been helping Ontario residents get out of difficult financial situations for over 12 years. As a leading private lender in the area, we go the extra mile to ensure we offer you the perfect short-term solution for your money woes. For any questions, don’t hesitate to call our licensed online lenders. Our payday lenders will be pleased to help you.

Our experienced lenders know the industry

Our experienced brokers know the lending industry inside out. Send Me Cash Now is out to provide quick cash to help you achieve financial stability. You can contact our online lenders, fill out the form for payday loans in Scarborough and get fast money into your bank account within 24 hours. Apply for online payday loans today!

Need a loan for any project ?

Get your payday loans in Scarborough with Send Me Cash Now

Payday Loans in Scarborough for express cash

Are you in an emergency situation that worries you more and more each day? We are fully aware of your problems, and we want to support you in overcoming them. First of all, submit your loan application online. Our brokers will get back to you immediately, and you will get your funds as quickly as possible in a completely secure manner.

An online loan tailored to your situation

Send Me Cash Now offers payday loans of $300 to $3,000 depending on the amount you need. Indicate the amount you want when filing your application and receive it within the hour. We grant amounts that are higher than our competitors and perfectly tailored to your needs.

A real desire to support you

Our mission is to support as many Canadians as possible. Do you have limited means or a low credit score? Don’t worry: no credit check will be performed, and your payday loan will be granted without any trouble. For 17 years now, our brokers have been helping many people in the same situation as you every day.

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