Online payday loan in Ottawa

Payday Loans in Ottawa

Do you have an emergency or an unexpected expense that that forces you to spend money you don’t have yet, and you can’t wait until your next paycheck? Then, our payday loans in Ottawa can help you get through emergencies and help you get back on your feet.  

What are payday loans in Ottawa?

Payday loans in Ottawa are short-term loans that you can get within 24 hours to help you out financially until your next payday. Our payday loans are designed to help anyone regardless of credit score and can be used for any financial emergency. We offer loans between $300 to $3000 at competitive interest rates.

Working with a traditional lender might be difficult for those with a poor credit score and who need funds quickly. So whether you need to pay outstanding utility bills or a last-minute car repair, applying for payday loans with Send Me Cash Now is simple and easy

Advantages of payday loans in Ottawa

When you’re short on funds and need quick and easy access to money, you want to find an online lender that can empathize with your situation. You don’t want to spend hours compiling documents or fear you’ll be rejected because of a poor credit score. Send Me Cash Now’s payday loans are straightforward and beneficial for anyone who needs instant cash.

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Flexible spending

You can use the funds for whatever you want and not have to justify your spending. Whether you need to fix a plumbing emergency or take a trip to visit a sick family member, we won’t question your reasons for applying.

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Easy application process

To apply for payday loans in Ottawa, all you need to do is complete our secure online application form. We only request the minimum information from you, and the whole process takes under five minutes to complete. In addition, you can do it directly from your computer, so there is no need to travel or call to apply.

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Fast approval 

When we’ve verified your loan application, you will receive the funds within 24 hours. This means you won’t have to wait weeks for approval, nor will there be a delay in when you receive the funds. We do an online transfer, and the money is automatically deposited into your account.

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No credit check inquiry

Whereas traditional payday lenders will use your credit score as a reason to refuse you money, we don’t take this into account to approving an online payday loan application. You can still qualify for a personal loan with a bad credit score. In fact, repaying your loan in a timely manner will help increase your credit score and make it more likely that you will get approved for loans going forward.

Why choose Send Me Cash Now for payday loans in Ottawa?

When you have emergency expenses, the last thing you want is to complete a lengthy, complex application to get the funds you so desperately need. This is why Send Me Cash Now has made the procedure quick and straightforward, so you can get your extra money as soon as possible and improve your standard of living. With our online payday loans in Ottawa, you’re guaranteed to have your money within 24 hours.

Send Me Cash Now has been in business for over 12 years, and all our lenders follow the practices in accordance with the standards of the Financial Consumer Agency. We are committed to open communication and believe in total transparency. You won’t find application fees or hidden costs in your contract.

Some advantages of working with us for online loans include:

A fast online application process

  • Can be approved even with bad credit 
  • Work with an experienced and professional team of brokers
  • Accessible loans that benefit from low-interest rates
  • Offer various types of loans for all your needs


If you’re in Ottawa, check out Send Me Cash Now to learn all about how affordable loans can help you out financially. 

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What are the requirements to qualify for easy, short-term loans in Ottawa?

Qualifying for payday loans in Canadian cities is simple, and chances are you will be approved. Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t require you to provide too much personal information to apply. You won’t be required to provide numerous documents, and we don’t ask what the loan will be used for. Instead, we evaluate your circumstances to make sure that you can repay the loan based on the agreement terms.

All you need to qualify is:

  • To be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Provide government-issued photo IDs such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Have a consistent flow of regular income
  • Have a proof of address
  • Proof of an active Canadian bank account

Proof of identity

Only adults with Canadian citizenship or permanent residents over 18 can qualify for payday loans. We need proof of age, citizenship and photo ID to confirm your identity. Because identity theft is a major concern across the country, we take this issue seriously. 

correct information

Active Canadian bank account 

We don’t perform a credit check on individuals who apply for payday loans in Ottawa. However, we still need to ensure you have an active bank account to verify income proof and to receive the funds. We are an online loan company, so all funds are transferred directly into the applicant’s bank account. We also use this account to retrieve payment instalments.

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Proof of regular Income

To qualify for a quick loan, you must be employed and receive a steady income. You will need to provide proof, such as an income statement or your most recent payslips. We will never ask you to provide your credit history or reasons why you are applying.                    

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Payday loans in Ottawa application process

If you want to apply for up to 3000 loans in Ottawa, all it takes is five minutes to complete. Our online applications are 100% secure, and all the information you provide is kept confidential.

Our easy three-step procedure:

1- Fill out the online form

Fill out the application and provide us with the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • Information about your employer
  • Loan amount requested

2- Verification process

When we’ve received your application, we will review it and, for security reasons, contact you by phone or email. We will send you the loan agreement with repayment terms for you to review and sign. Once completed, you will send us back the signed contract, and we will proceed with the transfer.

3- Transfer of funds

When we have received the signed agreement, the funds will be deposited into your account within an hour.

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Payday loan terms

After you apply for payday loans in Ottawa, you will be advised of the different repayment terms. A payday loan is a short-term temporary financing option that is usually repaid within two-four weeks of the loan date. Send Me Cash Now follows the guidelines of the Government of Canada.

As these loans are short-term loans, you cannot extend the payment plan for months. To ensure that you can pay back the total amount in the agreed amount of time, we recommend only borrowing the amount you need.                                 

Contact Send Me Cash Now for your payday loans in Ottawa

Send Me Cash Now is a leading alternative lender in the greater Ottawa region, and we take pride in the services we offer our customers to improve their quality of life. While others might turn you down for a loan, we keep an open mind and try to help you find the best financial solution for your unique financial needs. We want to give you easily access to payday loans.

We offer payday loans at competitive rates to help Ottawa residents like you meet their financial obligations. Send Me Cash Now provides trusted payday loans in Ottawa and other no-credit-check loans tailored to your financial situation.

For more information, contact us today to learn more, or get started by filling out our online application to receive your funds.

Need a loan for any project ?

Get your Payday Loans in Ottawa with Send Me Cash Now

Payday Loans in Ottawa for express cash

Are you in an emergency situation that worries you more and more each day? We are fully aware of your problems, and we want to support you in overcoming them. First of all, submit your loan application online. Our brokers will get back to you immediately, and you will get your funds as quickly as possible in a completely secure manner.

An online loan tailored to your situation

Send Me Cash Now offers payday loans of $300 to $3,000 depending on the amount you need. Indicate the amount you want when filing your application and receive it within the hour. We grant amounts that are higher than our competitors and perfectly tailored to your needs.

A real desire to support you

Our mission is to support as many Canadians as possible. Do you have limited means or a low credit score? Don’t worry: no credit check will be performed, and your payday loan will be granted without any trouble. For 17 years now, our brokers have been helping many people in the same situation as you every day.

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