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Get The Best Installment Loans in Edmonton, Alberta

Needing financial assistance for emergency expenses is nothing to be ashamed of. With the rising cost of living and banks turning away applicants with bad credit scores, it’s unsurprising that private lenders in Edmonton can significantly provide necessary financial resources. Send Me Cash Now offers installment loans in Edmonton to all residents who require fast cash within 24 hours.

How to Apply for Installment Loans in Edmonton with Send Me Cash Now?

If you’re pressed for time, submit your instant loan application during business hours, and you can receive the funds in as little as 45 minutes. The loan process is conducted online, and with no opening fees or hidden charges, you won’t pay a cent until the funds are deposited.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documentation

To qualify for installment loans in Alberta is easy. With no credit check or collateral required for approval, your chances of being approved for this type of loan are incredibly high. You meet the eligibility criteria if you can prove:

  • Are a Canadian over the age of 18
  • Have been working and receiving income for at least 3 months
  • Receive your pay through direct deposit
  • Are not currently in bankruptcy

If you are eligible for emergency cash, you can apply online and get the money before the end of the day.

Online Application Process

Forget about driving to our office or picking up the phone to request a traditional loan. We’ve simplified the process, and you can apply online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is fill out the online form for installment loans in Edmonton, and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

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Loan Amount and Interest Rates for Send Me Cash Now's Installment Loans in Edmonton

If you need between $300 and $3,000 to resolve a financial emergency, our instant loans can help. How much cash you need will depend on your requirements. Since installment loans in Edmonton are medium-term loans that can be repaid in recurring payments, the amount of interest you pay will be determined by how long it takes to pay your loan back.

Determining Loan Amounts and Interest Rates

Our installment loan lenders offer some of the lowest interest rates on the market, at 18%. Your income and financial situation will determine the amount you can borrow. While we can issue up to $3,000, you’ll need to meet the income requirements that confirm your ability to repay it. You should only borrow the minimum amount you need to avoid getting into more financial difficulties due to unpaid debt.

Typical Loan Amounts and Interest Rates

You can borrow between $300 and $3,000 in installment loans, and you have 6 months to repay it all. With larger loan amounts, low weekly fees, and interest rates, you can make regular payments that are affordable.

For example, borrowing a $300 loan with an APR of 18% would mean you need to make weekly payments of $46.22. This includes all fees associated with the borrowed capital. You’ll find all the detailed information in the installment loan terms.

Need a loan for any project ?

Flexible and Manageable Repayment Options for Installment Loans in Edmonton

When it’s time to repay your loan, we offer different options to make it more manageable and affordable. You can make weekly payments corresponding to the minimum financing fees, make higher weekly payments to reduce borrowed capital, or pay it back in one lump sum.

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Length of Repayment Period

Installment loans in Edmonton are issued for 6 months. However, you can pay it back sooner, reducing the total interest on your entire capital. So, if you decide to pay back within 2 months, you’ll pay significantly less than if you borrow for the maximum allotted time.


Payment Frequency and Early Repayment Options

You will find the weekly repayment schedule you will follow in the loan agreement you receive. If you cannot repay your loan, you must notify us so that we can find a solution together. If you have the funds to repay your loan well before 6 months, then you can do so to reduce your total payment and close your file for good.

Approval Process and Timing for our Online Installment Loans in Edmonton

Getting approved for emergency loans is quick, and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. If you need money sooner, submit your installment loan application during working business hours, and you can be approved within 45 minutes.

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Required Documentation for Loan Approval

To be approved for a short-term loan, you must provide us with some personal information. While we won’t hold past financial decisions against you, we still need to confirm your identity and ability to repay the entire loan. Documents you will need to submit with your application include:

  • Proof of age and identity (photo ID)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, lease)
  • Active canadian bank account
  • Confirmation of employment and income status (payslips)
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months


Your approval chances are high if you submit proof of the above with your loan application.

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Timeframe for Loan Approval

Unlike banks and traditional lenders that can take a week to approve a loan application process, we process everything within 24 hours. If you apply during business hours, you can be approved in less time. Once you’ve signed the loan agreement, the funds will be transferred within 45 minutes.

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Flexible Repayment Terms On Our Loan Options

As reputable loan providers, we do not perform a credit check, and you can borrow the maximum amount allowed even with a poor actual credit score. However, if you have filed for bankruptcy, you will not be approved for installment loans, as this can severely impact your ability to repay your loan. If you have been discharged, then you can apply for a loan.

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Eligibility Criteria for Installment Loans in Edmonton

To qualify for bad credit loans, payday loans, or any other types of loan, you must prove that you have the necessary funds to borrow money. Too many NSF or a meagre income ratio can prevent you from borrowing the maximum allowed. However, if you can answer yes to the following questions, you can be approved for a personal loan:

  • Am I a Canadian over the age of 18?
  • Do I have a full-time job and a steady flow of income?
  • Have I been released from any obligations to repay bankruptcy-related debt, or is this not applicable to me?

Find The Right Installment Loans in Edmonton with Send Me Cash Now!

So if you need emergency money and would prefer to pay it back in regular installments, then Send Me Cash Now can help. Submit your application for installment loans in Edmonton and receive the money within 24 hours! Apply now!

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